Windows & Door Maintenance

Window Maintenance

Upvc is a low maintenance product and does not require any expensive products or time consuming methods to prolong the life of your windows.

Glass like new

Cleaning your windows with a damp cloth without any bleaches or detergents will leave your frame and glass like new.

Small application of oil

A small application of oil to your hinges and locks annually will ensure that you maximise the life of your moving parts.

Treating your windows and doors

Treating your windows and doors with care and attention will mean they will last long beyond the warranty period and maximise your investment.

Our Showroom

At Fonthill, we offer our customers state of the art showrooms which display a vast range of exclusive products providing them a rare opportunity to see the complete range of finished windows and doors assembled in our factory.

Our Staff

Our dedicated and loyal staff are always on hand to answer any queries and offer sound advice based on years of expertise. Teamwork is an integral part of our ethos, all of our staff are long term employees who all specialise in the fitting and repair of windows and doors..