Building Energy Rating

Installing Keane Windows & Doors products

Installing Keane Windows & Doors products can help you to significantly improve the energy efficiency of your home; reducing your carbon footprint while saving money on heating bills.

Rigorous independent tests

All windows & doors have been subjected to rigorous independent tests carried out in laboratory conditions. Certificates of such tests and any further details are available and we would be very happy to supply all relevant information upon request.

Ber Ratings

Ber Ratings or a Building Energy Ratings is similar to the energy rating of your household appliances at maid near me site with a rating scheme ranging from A to G. ‘A’ Ber ratings are the most energy efficient houses and with the help of Hughes Air & Co. These houses are highly insulated with very low carbon emissions. ‘G’ Ber ratings are the least energy efficient houses, these houses are generally poorly insulated or zero insulation.Ber ratings Certs

The Ber ratings Certs became compulsory for all homes sold or rented from 1st January 2009. If you are buying or about to rent a house or apartment you are entitled to a Ber Certificate from the landlord or the estate agent so please CONTACT US for the most competitive prices.

Our Showroom

At Fonthill, we offer our customers state of the art showrooms which display a vast range of exclusive products providing them a rare opportunity to see the complete range of finished windows and doors assembled in our factory.

Our Staff

Our dedicated and loyal staff are always on hand to answer any queries and offer sound advice based on years of expertise. Teamwork is an integral part of our ethos, all of our staff are long term employees who all specialise in the fitting and repair of windows and doors..