Window Replacement can lower energy costs and save you money.

Keane Windows are the window replacement specialists in the Dublin mid-Leinster area. We know that as houses age, so to do your windows and their ability to retain heat. Your windows may appear worn or outdated. The Irish climate can be tough on wooden windows, they may rot or warp. Vinyl windows may start to peel and generally seals may wear and become less effective.

window replacement

Windows have evolved rapidly over the past 20 years. Today’s window technology is highly advanced. As manufacturers have focused on sustainability, the environment and conservation. Energy efficiency has been developed intensively and can now provide visible savings in your annual finances.

Before replacing your windows, it is advisable to contacting a professional to inspect your windows and advise or make suggestions on whether replacement or repair is a more favourable option for you. See this link

If your home still has single pane windows, you have a great incentive to upgrade your windows. Single pane windows are extremely inefficient. They increase your heating expenses massively. By upgrading to double-glazed windows, you can expect that draughts in your home, condensation, and heat loss will be substantially reduced during the winter months, During the summer months when it is warmer, you can expect to to notice a cool and comfortable home in the heat.

The most compelling argument for window replacement is the energy efficiency and financial savings you can obtain. Window replacement is somewhat different among home improvement projects. Window replacements will save you money each month, it does this by trapping passive solar heat, retaining heat from your heating system more efficiently and shortening fuel burning times. By upgrading windows, new improved sealing systems prevent draughts and double glazing significantly reduces heat transfer and heat loss.

An added benefit of upgrading your windows is that, by making your home more energy efficient, you also increase your property’s resale value. The likelihood that you will retrieve all costs involved in window replacement costs is very high.

Window replacement makes great sense when looking to upgrade your home. It makes it more attractive, snug and warm, energy efficient and all expenses become negated through fuel cost savings or higher resale value.

window replacement

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